When the creators of software-based products examine their handiwork, they overlook how bad it is. Instead, they see its awesome power and flexibility. They see how rich the product is in features and functions. The ignore how excruciatingly difficult it is to use, how many mind-numbing hours it takes to learn, or how it diminishes and degrades the people who must use it in their everyday lives.
- Alan Cooper, The Inmates Are Running the Asylum

This is Chuck Martin's personal site: chuck.martin.name

This is, among other things, my web programming "sandbox." I've created a small random quote generator (right). There are 9 quotes in the database.

From here, you can view my professional portfolio page and go directly to my LinkedIn page.

Here's a page that contains photos of where I used to live, in the last place I lived in SF, before I moved to the peninsula.

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