My Story

I am a content developer (technical writer) with a degree in Technical Communication and with tons of experience in and passion for content experience, technology, and usability.

I’ve loved writing ever since high school. Not only did I excel in my English classes, I wrote for the local newspaper. I was a computer geek way back then too, writing code on a Radio Shack TRS-80 Model II that our electronics shop borrowed during my senior year. (My teachers had to kick me out of shop at the end of the day so they could go home.)

I’m a science nerd too. I once was going to get degrees in meteorology and astronomy, but in my studies toward that goal, I found technical communication and never looked back.

The latter I found was my greatest passion. Creating great content experiences helps people succeed at what they do, whether those content experiences are through printed manuals, online help, tutorials, error messages, release notes, tooltips, or UI text.

I’ve developed content for just about everyone: end users, administrators, developers, business operations, and many more user types, all the while making that content clear, consistent, concise, correct, and most of all, findable and usable. And I’ve done it with all sort of tools, from powerful and robust help authoring tools (HATs) to plain old text editors.

Almost since I began in this industry, I’ve shared with others. From almost the day I began working after graduation, I was involved on the TECWR-L list listening, learning, and sharing what I’d learned. I presented at the WritersUA conference a few times. More recently, I’ve been active in industry LinkedIn groups, and some of my Medium essays are about technical writing, software development, user experience, and tech in general.

I get great pleasure in applying technical communication principles to my work. It is delightful when I discover content I can reuse and successfully make it happen. I think in content patterns and I’m solving content problems in the shower, behind the wheel, and while I’m falling sleep. I read writing and tech books for fun.

That’s not to say I don’t have a life. I’m a sports fan and wear my loyalties on my sleeve. I’m active in many sports, including softball, basketball, soccer, and football. I’m involved in my community, volunteering with a variety of organizations over the years. More recently, I’ve worked with Habitat for Humanity, including many days on the 7555 Mission project in Daly City.

When I’m creating great content experiences, I look forward to waking up and going to the office each and every day. Doing the work that I love has given me the opportunity to meet many great people, develop great products, and learn so many new things. My journey is not complete, and my next adventure is ready to begin.